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About Ayurveda

        The word ‘Ayurveda’ is evolved from two words in Sanskrit, Ayus meaning ‘long living’ and Veda implying science and knowledge. Tracing back to ancient sages and the Vedas, Ayurveda finds a divine origin and is considered as god‘s gift to Indian culture. The science of Ayurveda is said to have conceived even before the human creation; the first medical science originated from Lord Brahma, which was later passed on to other Gods and prudent sages for a healthy and safe living. Ayurveda, strictly adhering to distinct and profound principles of health, is a branch of Atharva Veda and is based on Panchamahabhoota Sidhantha which not only heals the disease but also protects and prevents the human body from further ailments and disorder.

Ayurveda aims to work against the imbalance of the three indispensable elements, Thridoshas- Vatha, Pitha and Kapha which regulates the normal working of a human body. The imbalance of any of these three elements can bring about both physical and psychological changes leading to various disorders in one’s life.

The treatment in Ayurveda has also formulated its own nature and method on the basis of three factors or the “Thri suthras” of Ayurveda namely, Hethu (the causative factor), Linga (symptoms) and Aushadha (Medicaments). This form or method of treatment cures de-stress, revitalizes and maintains the natural balance of the body.

It is said,”Dharmaartha kaama mokshanaam Aaarogyam moolamuthamam”

It connotes that health is the ultimate base for virtue, wealth and enjoyment and it stands above all other aspects.